Thursday, 7 January 2016

Setting: Far Away from home

For my first task to be completed , I have chose to find the setting for Far Away from home. This book is set before the Taliban began their conquest for Afghanistan as well in the prime time for the terror group.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

It's great to see that you are actively blogging over the summer holiday period! The book that you have chosen sounds very interesting but also quite dramatic. It deals with a very serious subject. What attracted you to this book? Where you interested in learning more about Afghanistan?

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote!

It's Rachel and I am sending you this message as a friendly reminder that the summer blogging project (Summer Learning Journey) is currently underway. It is a great way for you to practice your reading and your writing before school starts back in a few weeks!

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Hope to see you online this week :)


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