Tuesday, 20 August 2019


It was a very special day on Monday to be able to learn and understand the cause of protecting the land that we have and preserve it for future generations to learn from. We ( Year 11 & 12) were fortunate to visit Ihumatao and understand the daily lives of these many protectors who have given up time to able to protect and lobby for this land to be preserved. I was grateful enough to help out at the site and hope to come sometime soon( if I can). At the land, we met the protectors who were at the frontline and what led them to Ihumatao. We also got to met the leader of it all. Pania Newton. She helped tour us around the land letting us learn and understand the history of the land we stood on and also the stone walls which have been misplaced and used as borders for farming. Even though our tour came to an end. We helped and paint the boxes that are used for farming. It was a fun trip overall but a humbling experience to be able to experience for the first time life of a protector.