Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tokelau to New Zealand

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Today in Social Studies, 9RMz has been focusing on migration( Mainly the migration of Tokelau). I've created a summary of a lesson I was given. I used six words to summarize my Tokelau work.   In the 20th Century, Tokelau considered education to be about building a traditional house. Their culture was different to its neighbors, the other countries had already westernized but Tokelau didn’t due to being so remote.However, New Zealand created opportunities for young Tokelauan people.  immigration was a smooth transition however, they couldn’t adapt to customs of New Zealand. Resettlement was easy for others Meanwhile for others found the transition hard due to the difference between their native and New Zealand’s Culture.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


In Health, we have been learning about Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can happen anywhere around the world by "Keyboard Warriors". Keyboard Warriors are people who show no disregard towards to the feelings of people and will bully those people online meanwhile in the real world, won't interact with their victims being scared. I think there are Keyboard Warriors because they want to bring down the morality of innocent people. We can't stop this problem because anyone can become a warrior


So, we had MYE ( Mid-Year Exams) last week and all the years have finished their exams( With effort).  I think the MYE as a whole sometimes was easy and hard( I think most exams was completable except Music because we never were allowed to do it). I personally feel like I was prepared for my exams because I spent an entire week staying back at school and studying ( In study classes and Study sessions). I think I did well in 4/5 of my exams because I had no confidence in keeping my composure and stressing out. What could have I did better was to don't be stressed about exams. I will try and not be stressed about being evaluated on my scores.