Friday, 22 August 2014

Netball Reflection

For half of  term 3, room 7 had been having Netball lesson with Merin, our instructor for netball, she had taught us many things about netball. She even  taught about the position  in netball. As well as the related games of netball. I have mostly liked  the netball lesson that  Merin had been teaching us. In the last week of Netball, room 7 was cut into 3 team, I was selected into the position of GK(Goal- Keeper). At the end of the session we had won 3 out of 4 games we had, one game we had a draw. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). Netball was fun but I'm ready for the next Kiwi sports activity to come. This is me going up against their GS(Goal- Shooter). I just want to thank Merin  for teaching us Netball for half a term.


Yes Yes Yes! I have did it again. Here is my results.My favourite question of the quiz was. What does Engari mean and I got it right.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Riding in the back of the bus heading to the Auckland Museum which is filled  up with many Historical items.

Walking off  the  un-crowded bus where I can see the other school already parked. The boys(which included me)  headed with room 8 and caught up to Room 5 and the Room 7 girls.We sat down on the ground because all the girls sat on at right, Room 5 boys sat in the middle and the girls sat at the very left of the seats. Couple of minutes later we take of our heavy loaded bag and  dump it into the bag locker and head straight into  the stairs with the whole classroom and into a room with 3 head teachers.

While we were in there, we learnt more about our topic, Migration, what our grandpa and Grandma bought  with them.11 am ticks by and our lesson finishes we then head down the stairs and into the galleries where we find our instructor Frank and a other women. As we looked the map at the   of  the pacific. we were taught that in the pacific, there is 3 main group that divides the pacific.There is melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. As we headed to the activity I was thinking about the first waka's who made it to Tamaki Makaurau(Auckland but in Maori.)Could they ever sail again. As we headed back to have lunch the history I have  learnt about migration was  skeptical. I wish I should learn more.   As we headed into free time my group included Bianca, Eric, Sa Kae and her mum. We went through many exhibition like the Volcanoes, American History and much more. In the Volcanoes, you could relive what  happened in a home if a volcano erupted. As you head into the American history, they are filled with guns that were used in all they had participated in but again it was the greatest moment of 2014

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Wizard

Sorry for the late delay but I have completed my subtraction on advanced. I gonna keep going until I reach multiplication.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

KiwiCan Rappers

Today We have been lesson with Kiwi Can.This my group poem

April Fools

In a rich suburb where kids only play indoors and people only  have dogs as pets.

Jake comes home from a boring day of school. Well  I should head to my console, Jake said. “Hhhhh”, Well no one has never pranked me on April the first, Jake said. Jake continues to play on his console.

“Bang” All the lights in the house turns off. Well the power had turned off, that was strange. Jake  walks out of his room with a torch and  down the stairs  into the kitchen. Jake quickly grabs the  frozen yogurt from the freezer and he heads to lounge. Jake waits for Trish  to come from her football training. A hour later, Trish opens the front  doors  and sprints to her room.

“Trish open the door, I’m scared. I think there monsters in this house.” Trish opens the door and Jake head to the dark corner of the room.  As Jake a waits for the monster to come. Footsteps creaks up the tiled stairs.The door handle turns around. Jake rushes to the door as  he hides in front of the door.”RAHHH!” Glen and Katie shout, as Jake scream with all his might.Wow that was was amazing, Glen said. Don’t scare me again dad and mum, Jake cried. Well you been...”April Fooled .”Jake rushes to his room, but as he enters the dark room. Jake turns on the lights and heads  back on to his bed and continues playing games on his console to find the power was back on. The END!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I will live in Britain. I would migrate to Britain if their was a war or a drought happening. Plus I will go because I will need to learn more about other people and their culture.

Monday, 11 August 2014


Yes Yes! I've made it to Advance(Mean 2 Secs).I have now completed Division.This time my goal  is to conquer 2  Seconds

Friday, 8 August 2014

Current Events

Yes I did it again.I had a perfect score of 100%.This is one of the hardest question.What does Poitarawhiti. I answer Netball  and I was correct.