Friday, 13 May 2016

Shoe Narrative

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LI: To use the 5 senses and personification to help us paint a picture with words.
“Michael Jordan scores again!” Shouted the announcer. It was a basketball game between Chicago Bulls and Florida Tornadoes. “What happening, Jim! I think MJ putting on his Converses. Someone please stop this man!” The announcer screamed as the fans erupted like a volcano. There I was, my arms stretched together making a rippling sounds to all the other shoes. Loud boos begin to enter my mind. It was like they were screaming at me for doing something wrong. Minutes ago, I was lying in my big apartment with a view of all my friends. Growing old started ascending on me a while ago. I feel like I was aging every second. While people booed I started crying. I don’t why or how, but I sure knew I wasn’t welcomed by other people.  Because I was a old model of a shoe I was no longer liked by other people. Michael Jordan who is the famous basketball player, is my owner and I think he doesn’t like me anymore. When he wears me other people boo and scream. The game was tiring. I smell  sweat as if I had just eaten it an  hour ago, all inside of me and water touch my arms.
Later that night
I was in my owner’s hands when suddenly...
Smoke covers my sight. I guess i’m on my own. An old ugly pair of shoes left between a rock and a hard place. How can I survive this situation?

Today, Daniel and I were working on a story. The story was meant to surround old shoes (the character you are). The story had to the tell the reader what the shoes smelled, taste, touched and saw.


Robyn Anderson said...

Your vivid description of events through the eyes of your shoes paints a very clear picture in my mind. I can feel their pain! Well written boys.

Leopote said...

Really good Pote a good descriptive piece.

Leopote said...

By mum and dad

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