Tuesday, 3 January 2017


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For Day 4 activity 1, I have to recommend a book I have read in 2016. The book is called the Crossover ( created by Kwame Alexander). This book is about Josh and his family, Josh has a twin brother called JB. They are the sons of a European Basketball legend, and their Principal! This book is mainly centered around his family and basketball but also the destroyer of it. JB ( Josh's brother) has fallen in love with a girl that Josh despises. The girl creates a bigger rift in the family but also the twins. I would reccomend this book to AJ, because the book is mainly about Basketball ( which is one of his hobbies) but also has a complex plot.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with such a detailed review of the 'Crossover.' It sounds quite complex and also quite interesting. As a basketball fan I am particularly interested in it and I'm sure that AJ will also find it a good read. It's great that you were able to make such a personal recommendation for AJ!

Based on your description of the book it sounds like JB's girlfriend is a bit of a troublemaker. What does she do to create the rift between Josh and JB and between JB and his family? I'd love to know more!

Keep up the nice work with your blogging, Pote. You've provided us with a really nice example of a book review that is informative and intriguing.

Rachel :)

aminiasi said...

Hello Pote, I really do think that I am interested in reading this book. I like how you provided some reasons why I would like this book. You have also written a short and clear explanation about what the book is about. Keep up the great work.

Dan Abricossow said...

Kia ora Pote,

Thank you for sharing your book ideas with us. You must have done a really good job, because AJ wants to take you up on your recommendation! It must be a good book :-)

What an outstanding description of The Crossover too. I've never read this book before, but from your description alone I can already tell what the book is about, and I think I want to read it too! It sounds very interesting.

Are sports books your favourite type of books to read? I like reading all kinds of books, but I hardly ever have the time to read these days! I've started taking a book on the bus so I can read on my trip into the University. When do you like to read?

Looking forward to seeing what books you recommend us next Pote. Keep it up.


Dan Abricossow said...

P.S. I think you might have got your activities a little mixed up Pote! Your weather forecast was meant to be Day 4 Activity 1. These book recommendations are the activities for Day 5. I think you might have missed out on Day 4 Activity 2, which is packing for your trip! No problem at all, but if you have a spare minute then you could add in another blog about what you might pack - including your 5 most important items!


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