Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recreate a Book Cover

Recreate a Cover:

Today, I finished working on a cover made for a book I read this week. This book is called Maximum Security. James is tasked to befriend the son of a wanted fugitive. He sucessfully completes his mission with the arrest of the fugitive and son.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Today, I restarted work and progress on the Holiday reading challenge. This picture is from the book, Divine Madness by Robert Muchamore.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Make a Recommendation:


Since it marks the beggining of the Term 1 holidays reading challenge. I fought I would begin on a frequent task I always start ( for last year. Now the book is The Fall by Robert Muchamore. I recommend this book to Sylis. I recommend this book because it this book plot is about a framing which is always something people love to know about what happens. I also would reccomend this book because it pace and mood. I would also recommend this book because how crazy the plot is!

George W. Carver

For a month, I was working on a DLO which was inspired by a story at Life Choices. Officially this is my last post of Term 1. This DLO was real fun because the learning curb involved in this work. I hope to continue the daily DLO work through the holidays.

Friday, 15 April 2016


Today, I'm finishing off one of the four categories, Respect. I was working on this collage for weeks since I didn't have the enough resources (AKA photos). I hope to sign off all CARE work today (since its the last day of Term 2).

History of Basketball:

During the weekend, I was working on a DLO about one particular sport. Its not rugby or Soccer ( well maybe in the holidays). I chose basketball over all of the sports I like.

Word Chunks: Un-

Today, I was working on my word chunks. Even those we started a week or two ago, I have started to memorize my word chunk. I hope to continue working on my word chunks in the holidays.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WW1 Letter:

Today, I was working on a letter wrote in World War One. I made sure to make this letter formal with the help of Thomas. We made sure that the language in this letter was set in the 1910s.  I mainly used my notes from an article about Cpt. Charlie May.


During the holidays, ANZAC day will happen. Now since it been 101( And 97 years since the end) years, our teachers came up with the idea to remind us the authors purpose to writing  4 famous poems. I think personally that this task was fun due to the fact that you had to add your evidence for your thinking ( of the main idea).