Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Point of View

Today,  Sylis & I were working hard on DLO representing the 2 different views from 2 sides. In this case, Sylis became Bob(the bus driver) & I became the Bus owner. Since this was a strike, Bob/Sylis became very supportive of the strike. This meant that we had use provocation for the character. In real life, there are always two sides, sometimes against or not. You need to choose by making choice with discussion. This is called Informed Choice.

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Robyn Anderson said...

What a fabulous explanation of the task Pote! I know exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it. Your DLO shows you were thinking about seeing things from two different perspectives. There are a few spelling and punctuation errors so remember to take time to check that what you have written makes sense next time. A brilliant effort though.

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