Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Modern Red Riding Hood

Modern Red Riding Hood:

“Run!” A voice screamed.
“Who is it?” Red questioned.
As she ran out of the small door, she expressed shock.
No one was there.
Her eyes closed for a brief second.

An hour earlier...
It was dark & blurry. Red opened the small stone door. She slowly glanced over the boulder that was previously blocking her view from the inside of the  mountain.  She froze. Bystanders looked in despair. Red closed her eyes in the hope of not hearing any cries. As she opened her eyes,her face dropped. He sat in the pool of blood as if it was a bath. The bystanders boomed into chaos. Everyone belted off in separate directions.  Either way, Red knew no one ever stood a chance of surviving. Red crept on, knowing the dangers of the wolf.

An hour later...
An hour had passed without word of the wolf. Red’s loneliness made her  continued until she came to a path. Her heart froze as she entered the forest.  Her heart stopped for another time. This time, a voice spoke in a bold tone.
“ Red!” The voice screamed.
Red continued to walk into the forest.
“Boom!” A firework exploded into a show. Red felt very amazed ...

“What’s that smell?”  Red questioned  as the repugnant smell forces its way through red’s lungs.
“Everybody run!”
“ The wolf is here!”
A mysterious voice screamed in fear.
Red finally questioned the existence of the “Wolf”.  Red snuck  closer to the incident involving the wolf & the fireworks. As she stood in the open field, her face dropped. Red cried. She looked at the notice. Blood had dripped on the two bottom corners.

Dear Red

I hope to see your arrival at this beautiful town. You’ll wish that you never left. I hope this message arrives before your flight here. Best wishes here in Gumpville.
Your sincerely, Grandma

Her heart sank. She sat on a rock. Looking towards the fireworks.  As she closed her eyes, a black cloth covered her face.
“ What is going o...” Red snarled.  

“God Dammit, take that ridiculous cloth off her face!” The deep voice demanded.
As the soft black patterned cloth escaped her face, again her heart sank.

“Hey Red, I’ve wondered for so long what it would be like destroying another Red.” The mysterious figure laughed.
“Why would you do such a thing, Wolf?” Red asked.
“Well, it was eas...” Wolf said until an unfamiliar sound entered the room.
“What in the world is that sound?” Wolf snarled
“Put your paws up in the air!” A mysterious figure shouted.
“ Oh no, its the Feds (Another word for Police)!”
“Everybody, separate! Wolf screamed at his  group of henchmen.
Smoke clears the entrance.

“Run!” A voice screamed

“Who is it?” Red asked.
As she ran out of the small door, she expressed shock
No one was there.
Her eyes closed for a brief second.
As she reopened her eyes, she found herself at her grandma’s house. She rethinks her movements.
As she opened the door, she confidently stood on the frame waiting for any surprise from her grandma. For minutes, no one was exposed.

“What’s the worst thing that’ll happen?” Red questioned.

She continued into the dark house, unaware of  what would unfold next.

This term we have been learning to write narratives. We used the picture prompt below to help us imagine how this situation came about. We tried to hook our audience in by thinking about the pace of events and the pictures we painted with words.

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Robyn Anderson said...

I loved reading your narrative Pote! I am really impressed with the way you have tried hard to experiment with powerful vocabulary and dialogue to paint a clear picture in the minds of your readers. Varying your sentence types shows you are thinking about the pace of events. Well done!

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