Friday, 28 November 2014

Telling the time poster

Today, Room 7  have been telling the time with our clocks.We did 4 different times into this poster.

My time clock

For maths, we have been creating a clock to use for future time activities. In this photo, I am showing 9:30 pm(Or half past 9 in analogue time). 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why I would live on Saturn?

For my Evaluating activity. I chose a planet and list 5 resaons why I would live on Saturn

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Job Application

Name: Pote Aholelei        Job application: Scientist

Hello or Gluten Tag to NASA. I'm think I deserve this job because I have experience with chemicals and inventions. I can work my way to be a top scientist.I also think that I can be a test subject for going into space.

NASA is one of biggest goals in my life, I have wished to be an astronaut as a kid but I was in love of being a scientist.I believe that I can help NASA with intelligence and Science. I think NASA needs a scientist that can improve its social popularity. I wish to partner up with your best scientist to create a masterpiece of space.

I wish you will love this application for one of your top job. Please spend long time reading this application. I hope you like this.

Biggest day of my Life!

12 of November is always the average day for every  child in New Zealand and around the world, but that day is special for children in the Manaiakalani cluster. This cluster is set around 11 schools who all have Net book, Chromebooks and I pads. These schools are Panmure Bridge School, Glenbrae, Tamaki Primary/College,Saint Patrick and  the list goes on.

Panmure Bridge School slowly step off the 3 individuals buses and headed into the Sylvia Park where they will find Hoyt Cinema. We calmly sit down in our rows to watch 14 movies( 4 minutes each). As the movie continued most of the students who watched the movies laughed on and clapped on their fellow pupils.

During the time  at the film festival, I like most of the movies. I like the movies which were presented because the classroom from those schools put lot of work and determination into the  movies they made for other people to watch.  But one  movie stood out to me. It was Science  Hunger games from Tamaki College from Year 9. This festival is one of the best times for the film festival.

Here is the link for the film festival: Film festival

Also  the film I liked:Science Hunger Games

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Pentominoes Puzzle

Today Room 7 has been learning about pentominoes. That means that there are five squares stuck by its side in any shape. This task was created by Mrs Miller for Maths. The Task was to solve a pentominoe puzzle with a buddy. With my buddy we arranged and rearrange shapes into a small or big rectangles. This task took a lot of thinking and patience. Finally we figured out a two shapes and they were both rectangles. We thought this task was a bit hard and frustrating.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

NBA Legends

During the weekends I have been researching a group of players or legends from a sport.So this is my presentation about Nba Legends. This includes the late Wilt Chamberlain.