Thursday, 13 November 2014

Biggest day of my Life!

12 of November is always the average day for every  child in New Zealand and around the world, but that day is special for children in the Manaiakalani cluster. This cluster is set around 11 schools who all have Net book, Chromebooks and I pads. These schools are Panmure Bridge School, Glenbrae, Tamaki Primary/College,Saint Patrick and  the list goes on.

Panmure Bridge School slowly step off the 3 individuals buses and headed into the Sylvia Park where they will find Hoyt Cinema. We calmly sit down in our rows to watch 14 movies( 4 minutes each). As the movie continued most of the students who watched the movies laughed on and clapped on their fellow pupils.

During the time  at the film festival, I like most of the movies. I like the movies which were presented because the classroom from those schools put lot of work and determination into the  movies they made for other people to watch.  But one  movie stood out to me. It was Science  Hunger games from Tamaki College from Year 9. This festival is one of the best times for the film festival.

Here is the link for the film festival: Film festival

Also  the film I liked:Science Hunger Games

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Anonymous said...

Well written Pote. Its great to hear you enjoyed your time at the Manaiakalani film festival. What happened in Tamaki's science film?

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