Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Multi-Level Game

So, Digitech has been fun. We have been embedding codes and creating a number of levels for our game which we used Scratch to display our wonderful codes.


Since the beginning of jumpstart( Week 5), we've been learning about the web of life. From the C GREN cycle to the food chain, we have spent countless periods learning more about our life. Thankfully, I am grateful for my new class(10RTe is the best class) and also my Science teacher, Mr Stoddard for helping us out these 4 weeks on accomplishing a lot of tasks.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Leo and I am 14 years old who is currently the Manaiakalani Ambassador for Year 9. During the holidays, I will be commenting on the Summer Learning Journey but also for another project which led by Mrs. Apelu( So, I will be staying grounded while my family goes to Australia😢😢). For Social Studies, I really liked the interaction with my class to the teacher because everyone was engaged, mainly when we had the sustainability unit, our class was having fun and co-operating with each other to finish their project. I don’t know what I disliked about Social Studies because our Teacher made everyone have fun.My favorite place in Sydney because the weather is dreadful but the scenery is beautiful.

Even though it seems like the end of the year(Literally is), we are introducing ourselves since most of us have a new teacher for Social Studies(Mrs. Gordon). We are able to write a paragraph or paragraphs about us ( What we are doing over the holidays and etc...).

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Success to me?

I think I’ve been successful in helping out represent Tamaki College as a Year 9. From being the Manaiakalani Ambassador to also be a presenter at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I felt successful because I had to chance to represent Tamaki as a Year 9 and have a chance to become confident with large crowds and also be able to socialize with other pupils of my cluster. Also, getting the chance to bond with other students from my school. For Social Studies( With Mrs. Gordon since we have started Jumpstart) we have started our Social Studies activities. We have begun with working with Business and what does success mean? It is going to be a really fun year in Social Studies.

Friday, 3 November 2017


So, as part of the Social Studies Revision. We were researching about the government( Which had been researching since term 2). Since the elections have finally finished, it is a good time to reflect back.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

My bubble about Social Studies so far

Today, for Social Studies we went back to term 1 and researched about our Sustainability unit we had completed. My group had decided to do focus on Rain Garden thanks to Promiseland.

Friday, 20 October 2017


So today, my heart was finally broken after finding out that National had lost( No worries, we have another election in 3 years). For Social Studies, we were understanding and figuring out what does this alliance will have in store for the next 3 years.

Maths - Coordinates Project

For the first activity of the final term( For Maths at least), we have been learning and understanding how to use the coordinates system( Mainly the Y and X axis system). For this activity, we were tasked to find 4+ countries/places in the world that you want to travel to. After choosing your 4 countries, you are needed to research the travel( As in the distance between Point A and Point B but also how long it will take). After completing the other tasks for this activity, you must complete a summary of your journey.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Beliefs

Dear New Kid(Don’t know your name yet)

I believe in Methodist practices because since I was a little kid, I was baptized as a Methodist. Methodist can be similar to Christians but I don’t understand how. We are considered to be a subclass of Christianity but we share different values then our other counterparts. We do accept Jesus as our god.However, we are not as ancient than our other religions because we were created just 300 years ago! Our religion was created during the century where USA was created.Hopefully, you can understand my religion and can accept it.
Your Sincere, Leo

Here is my last blog post of the Holidays. Hope you enjoyed

Bucket List

  1. Create an private organisation that is structured around the will of their peers and make sure the set location city is protected in discrete.
  2. Make sure that houses are built efficiently and swiftly( All up to regulations) to combat the housing crisis we are currently in at the moment.Also making it affordable for the less unfortunate but also first home buyers.
Provide donations to trust funds which focus on the student’s( Next generation of the world) way of learning, as in providing free  internet across countries and programs which allow intercontinental communications( You could use it for educational purposes as well).

4. Make myself an underground house because that would be so fun but also in case of an war.

5.Create a bill where learning your native language( Depending on what ethnicity you are) is a subject in primary/ Intermediate because there are a minority of people who do not understand their language when they enter Secondary school making it very hard to learn it.

6. Make sure the less fortunate have a place they can go to at night.

7. Create a city in the countryside which can be self-sufficient and provide jobs and houses.

8. Be able to find the cure to Lethal Diseases(Like Cancer and etc…).

9. Provide a surplus amount of computers for people to use.

10. Create artificial land to boost development.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

My Neighbourhood

My neighborhood may not be the best on paper and from the description, but it doesn’t matter. The diversity of races and points of views is a key part of my neighborhood, The diversity range from which school you attend to your ideology about life in general. The magnificent mixture of people can never be displayed best at Point England BUT there is always the cons of a neighborhood. Our Culture as a community can sometimes cause trouble within our neighborhood.3 words that I could describe the place I call home: Diverse, Unique and Beautiful... So, I've been delaying this for a long time( Actually, just 5-6 days), but currently, there are some interesting topics to blog about thanks to Social Studies( So thankful for making my holidays fun😀). More to come.... Trust me this time

Friday, 29 September 2017

United Power(Social Studies)

While Term 3 was folding up, Mrs. Apelu instructed the entire class to join groups which would be similar to a Political Party. My Group(Bruno, Carlos, Jasmine, Pita, Andre and me) which we called United Power is somewhat similar to the TOP party but we want to unite people who have different beliefs and support opposite parties and unite them under one name. 

Meeting Tamaki's MP!!!

So, couple weeks back, Tamaki's National MP, Simon O'Connor was lecturing us about his life as a Politician but also his reasons for representing Tamaki. He explained his career as a priest before becoming the MP for Tamaki.After his lecture, A few students( Including me😀) presented their Sustainability poster boards explaining our problems with our school( During Term 1).

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My final verdict for my 3 ideals Careers

So, welcome back( Should really plan to blog more, not saying a 3-week break was fun and all) to my blog.

Now, For this entire term( and also the Term 2 holidays) we have been researching about our 3 ideal careers. I had personally felt like 3 careers which I felt was suitable for me( At the moment, my ideal careers may change over 4 years).  During, these 8 weeks, I have carefully written my research and conclusion for my ideal careers( Being Telecommunications Engineer, Journalist, and Police Officer).

Friday, 1 September 2017

SOLO:What does it mean?

On Thursday of last week ( I 've been delaying for a very long time), 9RMz were figuring out the basis behind SOLO. SOLO represents a system behind the completion of work.  The stages of SOLO is displayed like this in order( Uninstrcutural, Multistructural, Relational and Extended Abstract). We can use this taxonomy whilst grading our work. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

What if I was Prime Minister?

If I was the Prime Minister for a day( With my own party) this is what I'll do:
I think I would create a law which makes internet crimes( Like Privacy Invasion) will be stricter because if the victim is found to be doing explicit stuff or even worse, it could be used for more terrible crimes( Like Blackmail and etc...). I also want both opposition parties to be on totally opposite sides( And have a different Ideology). Also to combat Housing, I would want to have more construction workers come from abroad( And be treated with good humane conditions).

Friday, 28 July 2017

Wood Tech: last session...

For Term 2 and a minority of Term 3, we ( As in my class) have been working on our push-fit box. It has taken 3 periods a week for the last 11 school weeks. I would like to thank Mrs Ferguson for making sure we were doing the right things. I am really satisfied with my box. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Social Studies: What is the term "Government?

Today in Social Studies( Pretty weird that the 1st week of Term 3 has only been blog posts about Social Studies), we have begun learning about the roles in our life. We have created a DLO about the Government.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Social Studies: Stranded in the Island.

Today in Social Studies, We were working on Group exercises. Bruno, Mateaki, Jamaine and I were working on a "what if?" situation. We created the roles for all four of us. We were given jobs based on what we know. We were given 3 situations that would happen on our island. I found this task really fun yet hard at times because of miscommunication with each other. I hope we can improve in the future.

Friday, 7 July 2017


This week, we have  been focusing on migration to New Zealand. We all picked a country from a raffle. The country I picked was Korea( Actually South and North Korea). We were giving 5 tasks( 1 extra task for extra of experts. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tokelau to New Zealand

Image result for Tokelau
Today in Social Studies, 9RMz has been focusing on migration( Mainly the migration of Tokelau). I've created a summary of a lesson I was given. I used six words to summarize my Tokelau work.   In the 20th Century, Tokelau considered education to be about building a traditional house. Their culture was different to its neighbors, the other countries had already westernized but Tokelau didn’t due to being so remote.However, New Zealand created opportunities for young Tokelauan people.  immigration was a smooth transition however, they couldn’t adapt to customs of New Zealand. Resettlement was easy for others Meanwhile for others found the transition hard due to the difference between their native and New Zealand’s Culture.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


In Health, we have been learning about Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can happen anywhere around the world by "Keyboard Warriors". Keyboard Warriors are people who show no disregard towards to the feelings of people and will bully those people online meanwhile in the real world, won't interact with their victims being scared. I think there are Keyboard Warriors because they want to bring down the morality of innocent people. We can't stop this problem because anyone can become a warrior


So, we had MYE ( Mid-Year Exams) last week and all the years have finished their exams( With effort).  I think the MYE as a whole sometimes was easy and hard( I think most exams was completable except Music because we never were allowed to do it). I personally feel like I was prepared for my exams because I spent an entire week staying back at school and studying ( In study classes and Study sessions). I think I did well in 4/5 of my exams because I had no confidence in keeping my composure and stressing out. What could have I did better was to don't be stressed about exams. I will try and not be stressed about being evaluated on my scores.