Sunday, 15 October 2017

Bucket List

  1. Create an private organisation that is structured around the will of their peers and make sure the set location city is protected in discrete.
  2. Make sure that houses are built efficiently and swiftly( All up to regulations) to combat the housing crisis we are currently in at the moment.Also making it affordable for the less unfortunate but also first home buyers.
Provide donations to trust funds which focus on the student’s( Next generation of the world) way of learning, as in providing free  internet across countries and programs which allow intercontinental communications( You could use it for educational purposes as well).

4. Make myself an underground house because that would be so fun but also in case of an war.

5.Create a bill where learning your native language( Depending on what ethnicity you are) is a subject in primary/ Intermediate because there are a minority of people who do not understand their language when they enter Secondary school making it very hard to learn it.

6. Make sure the less fortunate have a place they can go to at night.

7. Create a city in the countryside which can be self-sufficient and provide jobs and houses.

8. Be able to find the cure to Lethal Diseases(Like Cancer and etc…).

9. Provide a surplus amount of computers for people to use.

10. Create artificial land to boost development.

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Dorothy Apelu said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog Leo because you have thought far and wide about things that you find important which are great to work towards making it happen! I'm interested in what career you might have in mind? Well done!

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