Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Student Leader Nomination

Strive to achieve. A motto I have followed for 7 years going on 8. Although I have speaking difficulties, I'm not the most popular or liked person, and I still struggle with my grades, I strive to achieve. Being able to have even been nominated as Head boy for Panmure Bridge School was a huge honour. I have confidence that I will lead Panmure Bridge School in the best way I can during 2016 if elected. As a leader I can promise you that I’ll be respectful, have a positive attitude, be humble and most important of all, remember that leadership is action, not position.

Yesterday, I received an great surprise. I was nominated for a school leader for 2016. To show what I could do, I tried to persuade people in the senior block to vote for me to become an Student Leader in 2016.I showcased my attributes if I did become one. I am proud for the people who decided to nominate me in this Student leader nominations.

Thinkers Key

At this time of the year, you know its Christmas. For the upcoming day which surprises billions of people around the world. I thought it would great to present you my Keys which was set. It was really easy but also hard.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Today, I've added my blurb to my DLO I did last year, I did this as a own task as was signed but I just forgot to add a blurb.

Care Awards

Alan Duff

This week we had a visitor who was famous for many reason, being the creator of a controversy book by the name of Once were Warrior. He is a national icon for kids because he co-founded Duffy:Books in Homes. He talked about the inspiration of his book.