Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Student Leader Nomination

Strive to achieve. A motto I have followed for 7 years going on 8. Although I have speaking difficulties, I'm not the most popular or liked person, and I still struggle with my grades, I strive to achieve. Being able to have even been nominated as Head boy for Panmure Bridge School was a huge honour. I have confidence that I will lead Panmure Bridge School in the best way I can during 2016 if elected. As a leader I can promise you that I’ll be respectful, have a positive attitude, be humble and most important of all, remember that leadership is action, not position.

Yesterday, I received an great surprise. I was nominated for a school leader for 2016. To show what I could do, I tried to persuade people in the senior block to vote for me to become an Student Leader in 2016.I showcased my attributes if I did become one. I am proud for the people who decided to nominate me in this Student leader nominations.

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