Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mark Inglis ( Care Awards):

While Inter school Athletics is happening ( With a quarter of our class gone),  We've been  focused on working/finishing our tasks for CARE awards. I have worked on my third Gold Attitude task, I created my DLO on Mark Inglis. Inglis has climbed the tallest mountains but also winning a silver medal in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Letter to our old self ( Reply):

Dear (Past) Pote,

It is really hard to know if I past two of the the goals ( Maths and Dux).  I feel like this year has gone really fast, with its up and downs.  We’ve worked hard to become a team player and not trying to not focus on yourself.  I understand that we might not entered a large amount of competitions but we did enter a variety of sports ( like Touch, Basketball and many more).  I’m guessing we will figure out when the day that our reports and Prizegiving will give us that information ( in 2-3 weeks time).

 Term 1:                                 Term 2:

Monday, 28 November 2016

Library Visit:

2 weeks ago ( Never had the chance to complete this DLO), the group of Panmure Bridge Librarian were invited to the Panmure Community Library to talk Juanita and Hiko ( these two are Librarians). This group ( Including me) learned about the features of the library but also having a tour of the library. Thank you to Mrs. Sloan, Mrs. Liu and the Panmure librarians for making us have a great morning.  

Sunday, 27 November 2016

PBS Athletics Day:

Friday was a very mixed day.  Fun and cold usually doesn't mix together but today was different ( Really Different!). With Mr. M  as our MC ( Mr. MC) and Mr. Ogilvie controlling the event, the day was destined to be a success. A group of Tamaki College students joined us for the day to make sure every class/Year group understood the activity. 

White Ribbon Day:

White Ribbon Day was held this Friday all around New Zealand. The white ribbon mean stopping Violence against women. This year, volunteers hand out the ribbon ( which is connected to a card showing their pledge and wanting you  (or the person who received the card to share their knowledge they just learned about). 


On Thursday, the LS2 year 8's were focused on dribbling and juggling this session. This week, we had Carly as our instructor. We unfortunately did not finish the session we hoped for due to a fire drill but we all learned to the basics ( the pupils who was absent learned all of the skills this session). 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Godwit Storyboard:

Today, Mrs Anderson's Inquiry group (The Year 8's) were working hard and collaborating with each other to create a sketchnote about the connection between Maori and the Godwit. Using the information we collected, I created a Storyboard explaining a connection between the two. I collaborated with Te Paki for the sketch note.

Friday, 18 November 2016


This week, Te Paki and I collaborated to finish challenge 3. This challenge was all about Migration. We had to make a DLO about migration and why birds migrate.  We learned about the nearest mudswamp ( Mud swamp are where the Bar tailed Godwit migrate to). Tahuna Torea is linked to the Tamaki river and is located on the borders of Glendowie.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Image result for Hockey Logo

Today, everyone in LS2 was having fun and swinging their all around the ground. It was a great session with our two coaches  ( Sorry, but I didn't find out what are the names to the new coaches). We juggled the ball but also dribbled our hockey ball around the ground by playing a Traffic-Light game.  For our last game we played a casual 1v1 (all the way up to 5v5) which were set up into two teams. We all had fun ( we were all put into 2 sessions).

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Speech marks/Dialouge:

Today, AJ & I collaborated on a DLO about Dialogue/Speech Marks. It was exciting exercise and I hope to improve through out the next 4 weeks. We discussed out about Dialogue in the beginning stages. Mrs Lienker helped figure out the essential tools of Dialogue.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Operation: Eagle Swoop

Operation: Eagle Swoop
Screenshot 2016-11-15 at 9.48.55 AM.png
It was cold as usual. Nothing exciting about the weather here. ‘Cold Hell,’ is what the locals call it. Mondays, are the worst as we were getting ready to leave for the beaches of the cold south. It was the first time we have ever got a day like this. Every winter, it’s either helping a stranded citizen escape their car or someone has been sucked into the fearless waters.

“SSSSHHHH!” the helicopter zoomed across the sea. The hair of the ocean was elegant yet rough with boulders laid all around her.

“Unit 935, please report to homebase when you reach the location of a capsized boat.”

Everything had looked strange but familiar as if I had been far out at sea. Our biggest enemy, the never ending blue hair still spreads.

“ Home base , we have made it to the location.”

The captain of the helicopter mumbled as the helicopter propellers made a louder sound and made him sound like a rat.

“ You guys had better be ready. From our intel it is known that there is a group of people who have  been stucked at sea for two days. Their boat capsized and they  been stranded out in the middle of nowhere for what feels to them like an eternity!“ Screamed the Captain.
Time just kept ticking by ...

Friday, 11 November 2016

Who flew first?

This week for Reading, Ms. Kirkpatrick set us with another text to read (That is related to Flight). The text was all about Richard Pearse but also if he flew before the Wright Brothers. Supposedly, Pearse flew before the Wright Brothers ( By a couple of months). I worked with John to see what our opinion about who was the 1st to reach the sky by control.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bar Tailed Godwit:

Today, with the Cooperation of Sebastian and Harry we have finished out Popplet/DLO about the Bar Tailed Godwit/Kuaka ( Kuaka is the maori translation for Godwit). This was our first challenge for our first topic from Mrs Anderson (For 4 weeks the Year 8's worked with Ms. Kirkpatrick and the Year 7 with Mrs Anderson). It was a really fun task despite me working on other topics.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival:

This week( Sorry for finishing late, I was watching all of the movies to know what each school had created), Panmure Bridge and 11 other schools created amazing movies to showcase around the world from their blogs filled with quality blog posts. I've created a DLO about the trip to Sylvia Park.

Manaiakalani Film Festival Comments:

Today, the entire school was impatient to watch a selection of school's movie which is being showcased around the world. It was a very fun time with everyone. Now, we have commented on the movies we liked ( Or other movies from schools you haven't seen).

Hyperbole DLO:

45 minutes before the best 2 hours of my year, I had begun and finished a DLO all about Hyperbole. Each writing group was assigned 2 sheets where we learned about this new weird word ( It was very strange at first). I had learned all about this word today, because I had left my class during maths but also during the research ( of finding out what is Hyperbole is).

Monday, 7 November 2016

Paper-Plane Measurement:

Today,  the entire class of LS2 was involved and participating in an another activity of paper planes. Continuing from last week, we used our old paper planes and created a new paper plane by combining all of our designs into creating one ultimate paper plane. Each group had their "team plane" and threw their team plane the furthest . Every group watched every thrower (One from each group) throw their paper plane as far as they could. 


Today, as part of the writing. Mrs Anderson set us up to search the internet and discover work from fellow pupils in the cluster.  I specifically looked for excellent pieces of writing from Glenbrae. Most specifically the Year 7/8 Class(s).  I used one blog as a example to see great structure. We all did a Recount quiz to test our knowledge of how good our memory is about Recounts.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Measurement Activity:

While it was hot and burning, the LS2's pupils decided to create paper planes and analyse the information/ measure how far the plane would go depending on what type  (They had used). 
Mrs Anderson set us a silent challenge, Mrs Anderson showed all the groups their task without speaking ( She played videos to make sure that the groups knew what their task was). Even those I joined this experiment while the paper plane craze was happening, I did get to create a paper plane but also use another plane to see the difference of the planes. All these photos in the collage represent a certain way or the process of the experiment.  In 1 photo, you can see a group of people working together to see which one each person and create their own paper plane ( Depending on what they chose). The others show, a person testing their plane and is about to make it fly! In the last two photos, it shown that they are throwing their airplane and testing how far it can go. Most of the these photos are from my group and the last one ( The photo on the bottom right) is used to show another angle and way people threw their paper plane from.  Mrs Anderson set us a silent challenge, 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


  The Shake Out from The Outlook for Someday on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Latham, Sylis, Daniel, Reon and Jasmine. Here is there movie. This movie about Earthquakes and being safe when this disaster happens in school ( or anyone you are) Please Enjoy this movie!

Jean Batten Timeline:

Today, I've finished my DLO/Timeline about Jean Batten. She was the pioneer of female Aviation.  I've created the key points (well few) about Jean Batten.