Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Letter to our old self ( Reply):

Dear (Past) Pote,

It is really hard to know if I past two of the the goals ( Maths and Dux).  I feel like this year has gone really fast, with its up and downs.  We’ve worked hard to become a team player and not trying to not focus on yourself.  I understand that we might not entered a large amount of competitions but we did enter a variety of sports ( like Touch, Basketball and many more).  I’m guessing we will figure out when the day that our reports and Prizegiving will give us that information ( in 2-3 weeks time).

 Term 1:                                 Term 2:

While I was getting prepared for the next 3 terms of hard work ( Meaning I was getting prepared in term 1). Miss Donaldson set us up with a task to work on letter to our future self ( As in: Writing to your Term 4 self). It was a fun activity at the time and now that the year is coming to a end. It's better to return to this activity and reply to our 9 month conterpart ( or our old self).

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