Friday, 4 November 2016

Measurement Activity:

While it was hot and burning, the LS2's pupils decided to create paper planes and analyse the information/ measure how far the plane would go depending on what type  (They had used). 
Mrs Anderson set us a silent challenge, Mrs Anderson showed all the groups their task without speaking ( She played videos to make sure that the groups knew what their task was). Even those I joined this experiment while the paper plane craze was happening, I did get to create a paper plane but also use another plane to see the difference of the planes. All these photos in the collage represent a certain way or the process of the experiment.  In 1 photo, you can see a group of people working together to see which one each person and create their own paper plane ( Depending on what they chose). The others show, a person testing their plane and is about to make it fly! In the last two photos, it shown that they are throwing their airplane and testing how far it can go. Most of the these photos are from my group and the last one ( The photo on the bottom right) is used to show another angle and way people threw their paper plane from.  Mrs Anderson set us a silent challenge, 

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