Saturday, 9 July 2016

Why girls were not allowed in the Ancient Olympics:

In Ancient Greece, women were not allowed into the main Olympics but they did have their own festival of sports but this was for unmarried women. In my opinion I followed this rule but if this happened in now, it wouldn't work because of the feminism power now. Its fair since it makes it more easier for the men to have it because the men are believed to be strong in Ancient Greece and did the sports which required combat. Men did Pentathlon, Boxing, wrestling etc., so it would be easy to assume that girls would do sprints/Running.   


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

I think that you have raised some very important and interesting points. You have clearly thought a lot about the rule and used your critical reasoning skills to determine i) why the rule existed in the first place and ii) why it wouldn't work in the modern day. I really appreciate how much thought you put into your response.



aminiasi said...

Hello Pote, I like how you got straight to the point and just told what activity you were doing. You are doing really awesome so keep up the great work.

daniel said...

Hi Pote
I agree with you, it happened then, but it won't happen now. I wonder though, now do women do things like boxing or wresting or is that reserved for the men?

Nesi said...

Hi Pote,
I really like the way you explained. I think it was a really harsh rule back then. Thank goodness girls can compete and watch it these days. Keep up the great work.

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