Friday, 8 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey

Today, marks the first day of the Winter Learning Journey( It's throughout the holidays). The Winter Journey is solely based around the upcoming Summer Olympics(Which is strange since the Olympic  will happen late winter because it is in the south). So ahead with the task, I picked running as the sport I would picked but for the endurance since I usually ain't going short term so it would be fitting to try and compete in the Endurance races


aminiasi said...

Hello Pote, I like how you explained what you are doing but I don't understand if this is a task or your are just explaining about the Summer Olympics. Next time you should add in what activity you are doing so the reader knows.

Mia said...

Hi Pote
You have used good reasons why you picked running as your sport. You have also used a good image do give the audience a clear idea what it was like 2792 years ago. I think you have to put a full stop at the end of your sentence.

Nice Work

Nesi said...

Hi Pote,

You have a clear explanation of how the winter learning journey works but you should add more facts about the activity. You have used good reasons to back up your answer and have used a clear image. Good Work.

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote (and AJ, Mia and Nesi),

Wow! You guys are rock stars. I am so happy to see all of the positive, thoughtful and helpful comments that you are posting. You each provided very useful feedback for Pote in a really friendly way.

I agree with AJ that it would be really helpful if everyone could please post the name of the activity that they are completing in each blog. It helps us to know what each person is writing about and is really useful for me when counting up points.

I also agree strongly with Nesi that the reasons that you gave, Pote, were great and the image was very clear. Great work! Finally, thanks to Mia for pointing out that it is important that we use full stops when we are writing full sentences. The full stop has to go at the end of each complete sentence.

Well, I really have to commend all of you guys for your awesome work. It is so much fun for me to blog with you and to see that you are helping and supporting one another to learn and to improve your writing skills.

Awesome :)

Cheers, Rachel

daniel said...

Hi Pote
I agree with the other people that have commented on your blog. Remember to use the proper punctuation like full stops. Also, AJ you can use the labels to tell the reader.

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