Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fresh off the plane: Summer Learning Journey

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The bustling noise of the aiport deafens me, I had just exited Arrival gates to thousands of people to patiently waiting for a friend or family member. I felt alone, just waiting meanwhile I camouflaged myself into the hordes of zombies. As my taxi drive off into the city, I start to wonder the transition from the outskirts of Tokyo, to the magnificent skyscrapers of the city). I finally arrive at a small hotel but  really amazing, I wonder if this what to expect when I travel all around Japan?

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 4: A book you could read while on a plane?

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Continuing the trend, the task for today( If you had to choose out of 3 books, the books were the hunger games, Matilda and Diary of a Wimpy Kid). I chose The hunger game because of the plot in this story but also how every character is written into this story ( I should call it Character development). I reccomend this book to some curious kiwis if they like long, in-depth books ( Would reccomend not for people under 12).


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For Day 4 activity 1, I have to recommend a book I have read in 2016. The book is called the Crossover ( created by Kwame Alexander). This book is about Josh and his family, Josh has a twin brother called JB. They are the sons of a European Basketball legend, and their Principal! This book is mainly centered around his family and basketball but also the destroyer of it. JB ( Josh's brother) has fallen in love with a girl that Josh despises. The girl creates a bigger rift in the family but also the twins. I would reccomend this book to AJ, because the book is mainly about Basketball ( which is one of his hobbies) but also has a complex plot.