Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fresh off the plane: Summer Learning Journey

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The bustling noise of the aiport deafens me, I had just exited Arrival gates to thousands of people to patiently waiting for a friend or family member. I felt alone, just waiting meanwhile I camouflaged myself into the hordes of zombies. As my taxi drive off into the city, I start to wonder the transition from the outskirts of Tokyo, to the magnificent skyscrapers of the city). I finally arrive at a small hotel but  really amazing, I wonder if this what to expect when I travel all around Japan?


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote!

Great poem - I love the feelings that you have captured and the way that you described what you would be thinking when you arrived in a foreign city like Tokyo and had to drive from the airport into the city. It is a city like no other - Tokyo is large, full of millions of people moving about all of the time, amidst an array of huge skyscrapers and stunning old world temples and shrines. It is a city of contrasts where the old really meets the 'new' and 'modern.' I think that you would really like it...

After reading your poem, I wonder what you would feel when you first arrived at the small hotel that you have pictured in your blog post. Would you mind staying with so many other people in a really small space? It would definitely be an adventure, wouldn't it?!

Keep up this great work, Pote. I love that you embraced the challenge of writing a poem. Nicely done.

Rachel :)

Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Pote,

I fully agree with Rachel on this poem, it is really well written and quite amazing. When I first read it I thought it was part of the question we gave you, but it isn't!

It is interesting that you recognise the metaphor that is the zombie compared to the salary man. There are lots of interesting analyses of zombie films and how they comment on modern day life.

I hope you do visit Japan one day, it is one of my favourite destinations! I have been there a few times now and can't get enough.

Keep up the great work!


Dan Abricossow said...
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Dan Abricossow said...

Kia ora Pote,

I've got to agree with Mark and Rachel, this is a really good poem! Not only was this interesting to read, but it portrays how you might be feeling in a new country so clearly. I like how you've expressed what you might be thinking and your first impressions. It must be daunting to land in such a busy, foreign country like Japan with no one there to welcome you? It sounds like you are in store for an incredible learning journey through Japan!

Now that you're here in Tokyo, what do you think you would like to do first? I think I'd have to have a rest for after such a long flight. Then I'd probably do what I always do and follow my stomach looking for something delicious to eat!
Do you plan on spending your whole visit in Tokyo, or are you going to leave the city to explore the rest of the country? Did you know that Japan has almost 7,000 islands?? Although only about 430 are inhabited, that still leaves a lot of places to explore...

Happy travels Pote :-)


Harrison said...

Hi Pote
Great job I really like your story

Tania said...

Kia ora Pote,
I have just come back from my holiday this week and decided to check out your blog again. Great to see that you are back at it and working on the Summer Learning Journey. I really like the way you have written your poem, I can visualise what is happening by reading your words. You certainly have nailed the challenge of writing a poem. I have been to Tokyo and it is definitely full of bustling, noises and skyscrapers! Keep up the great work with your learning in the holidays.

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