Friday, 29 September 2017

United Power(Social Studies)

While Term 3 was folding up, Mrs. Apelu instructed the entire class to join groups which would be similar to a Political Party. My Group(Bruno, Carlos, Jasmine, Pita, Andre and me) which we called United Power is somewhat similar to the TOP party but we want to unite people who have different beliefs and support opposite parties and unite them under one name. 

Meeting Tamaki's MP!!!

So, couple weeks back, Tamaki's National MP, Simon O'Connor was lecturing us about his life as a Politician but also his reasons for representing Tamaki. He explained his career as a priest before becoming the MP for Tamaki.After his lecture, A few students( Including me😀) presented their Sustainability poster boards explaining our problems with our school( During Term 1).

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My final verdict for my 3 ideals Careers

So, welcome back( Should really plan to blog more, not saying a 3-week break was fun and all) to my blog.

Now, For this entire term( and also the Term 2 holidays) we have been researching about our 3 ideal careers. I had personally felt like 3 careers which I felt was suitable for me( At the moment, my ideal careers may change over 4 years).  During, these 8 weeks, I have carefully written my research and conclusion for my ideal careers( Being Telecommunications Engineer, Journalist, and Police Officer).

Friday, 1 September 2017

SOLO:What does it mean?

On Thursday of last week ( I 've been delaying for a very long time), 9RMz were figuring out the basis behind SOLO. SOLO represents a system behind the completion of work.  The stages of SOLO is displayed like this in order( Uninstrcutural, Multistructural, Relational and Extended Abstract). We can use this taxonomy whilst grading our work.