Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 2: Create the Logo for Tokyo 2020

Today, I have finished my third activity for Day 2. Our activity was to Create a Logo for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I chose to used two badges to creates arrows pointing up as it means progress, black stands for many things my means is style of Japan, Green to represent the landscape Tokyo has to offer, red and white represent of Celebration and coming together.


daniel said...

Hi Pote
Your logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games is really cool. I like the different colours that you used. I think that it is a modern and stylish logo. Nice work so far, keep it up!

Robyn Anderson said...

Hi Pote
I have read through your Winter Learning Journey blog posts and have enjoyed reading what you have written. I really like this logo! It's eye catching and I made my own connections after reading what the colours stand for. Some flags around the world have similar links to the colours. Keep up the great work!
Mrs A :)

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote!

I completely agree with Mrs A. I love the colours that you have chosen for the Tokyo 2020 logo. It shows a great deal of critical thinking on your part to bring together this particular colour palette. Well done!

As an aside, did you know that the national colours of Japan are red and white? It makes their inclusion in your logo even more important. Nice work!

Keep up the great blogging.

Cheers, Rachel :)

aminiasi said...

Hello Pote,
I really like how you explained what parts of your logo means. I am just wondering why you choose that kind of shape in your logo? Keep up the awesome work.

Harry said...

Hi Pote. I like your logo it looks cool and I also like how you made your logo mean progress. Keep up the great work and good luck to you and everyone else.

Nesi said...

Hi Pote,
A great choice of colors. I like how you explained what the colors stand for. Keep up the great work. I really liked your logo design.

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