Saturday, 23 January 2016

Powerful Person:Germany

For an activity(or task), you would be tasked to choose a powerful person from your country you chose at the beggining of the journey. You would had to chosen one individual person. I chose Joachim Gauck.He is the Current President of Germany since 2012.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Favourite Subject?

Image result for MathsWhat is my favourite subject in school now( which would obviously change when I leave school).That subject is Maths, one of my favourite subject to learn every time I'm given the chance to learn about. I don't know why but maths is something I always love since young years.

Schools comparison

Since school is quickly coming back so I  tried to compare two countries and their schedule for school,obviously I chose the country I picked for the Summer Learning Journey. I compared New Zealand & Germany School schedule. Even those I love the schedule I have, I still think I would go and try out the German school system because how in-depth it is.

Which Landmark I'll visit

For this task or activity you would have to choose a landmark from the country you chose at the beginning of the learning journey. The landmark I chose was the Berlin Wall.I chose this landmark because the importance this has in history

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Holiday:

Image result for Germany
Since I picked a Country which divided itself I would United German Day:
This day would be remember simply because of the Events of the Berlin Wall. This would happen on November 9th so you could have a day off to visit family in Germany But every Leap year it would be two days. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Day 5:Act 1

Landing In Berlin:

I froze as people walk past me quick
Signs are risen when I walked through the terminal
No family or friends here.
I stood looking around
No one talked or froze
I felt isolated from everyone
it felt like was extinct
and never existed from the world

Create a Airline

For a bonus activity, You were given $1,000 create an airline and to be used in New Zealand as well as the Logo. The Airline I created Northern Airlines, the reason why I called it Northern was because it would take care of flights in the North Island as it is shown that more people live in the North Island(Cites like Auckland,Wellington & Hamilton).

Day 2: Activity 1

For Activity 1: I had to watch an Air New Zealand Safety  Commercial and think on three thing shown on the commercial which you need to be safe on a plane.
P.S: Click on the photo to get to the video

  1.  Buckle your seatbelt: One of the easier rules to follow when in a plane. Having your seatbelt helps you from flying into other people,family or friends seat, buckling your seatbelt protects you  when the plane is flying or landing.
  2.  If the plane your passenger is bumping around, it's better to put your hand on your head and move it until it touches the back of the passenger who is in front of you. Another way is to have your nearly touch your thighs and maybe knee-cap with your hands covering your face.
  3. If your the captain say that the plane is falling remember to find the capsule with the lifejacket. If you see a child not knowing to put blow up his lifejacket, help him because of the impact if you land in the sea.

Day 2: Ticket to Germany

Image result for Lufthansa Logo

The Airline I picked to get to Germany is Lufthansa. Lufthansa because its an German Airline an is suitable for the area I would choose.

Day 1: Bonus Activity

This is my first Bonus Activity of my first week. This is the facts and somewhat fun facts of Germany.

Summer Learning Journey: Day 1:

Image result for Germany Flags
For my first day for the Summer Learning Journey Project: 
I will pick Germany- Europe for this project

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Setting: Far Away from home

For my first task to be completed , I have chose to find the setting for Far Away from home. This book is set before the Taliban began their conquest for Afghanistan as well in the prime time for the terror group.