Monday, 18 January 2016

Create a Airline

For a bonus activity, You were given $1,000 create an airline and to be used in New Zealand as well as the Logo. The Airline I created Northern Airlines, the reason why I called it Northern was because it would take care of flights in the North Island as it is shown that more people live in the North Island(Cites like Auckland,Wellington & Hamilton).

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Rachel Williamson said...

Pote - What a great idea! I like the logo and the rationale that you used for the airline. There are definitely more people living in the North Island of New Zealand than the South Island. According to an article that I just read in the New Zealand Herald from 2013 (, there are approximately 3.2 million people living in the North Island and approximately 1.0 million living in the South Island.

Do you know anyone who lives down south? I have some extended family living in Invercargill and Christchurch and some close friends based in the Cromwell area. Otherwise, I don't really know anyone else who lives down south.

I do, however, know plenty of people living up here on the North Island and I would love to fly to see them on your 'Northern Airlines.'

Great work with the logo and concept, Pote!

Keep up the great work :)


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