Monday, 18 January 2016

Day 2: Activity 1

For Activity 1: I had to watch an Air New Zealand Safety  Commercial and think on three thing shown on the commercial which you need to be safe on a plane.
P.S: Click on the photo to get to the video

  1.  Buckle your seatbelt: One of the easier rules to follow when in a plane. Having your seatbelt helps you from flying into other people,family or friends seat, buckling your seatbelt protects you  when the plane is flying or landing.
  2.  If the plane your passenger is bumping around, it's better to put your hand on your head and move it until it touches the back of the passenger who is in front of you. Another way is to have your nearly touch your thighs and maybe knee-cap with your hands covering your face.
  3. If your the captain say that the plane is falling remember to find the capsule with the lifejacket. If you see a child not knowing to put blow up his lifejacket, help him because of the impact if you land in the sea.

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

Thanks for embedding the video into your blog. That is really clever!

I like that you have clearly watched the video and prepared yourself for your flight to Germany. It is very important to buckle your seat while on board and to use a life jacket in case of emergency. Fortunately, it is incredibly unlikely that you would ever need a life jacket as thousands of flights take off and land safely everyday!

I must admit that I really enjoyed watching this safety video. Did you like it? Are you a rugby fan? I had never seen a rugby game until I came to New Zealand but I am now a pretty big fan. I watch both the Warriors and the Blues play and will go to see the All Blacks, if possible. Do you have a favourite team?


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