Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Which Landmark I'll visit

For this task or activity you would have to choose a landmark from the country you chose at the beginning of the learning journey. The landmark I chose was the Berlin Wall.I chose this landmark because the importance this has in history


Katharina said...

Dear Pote,

I really like that your chose such an important landmark to visit on your trip. It is quite amazing to see and to imagine what it must have been like for people living in this divided city. And Berlin is a great place to visit, so you will hopefully see more than your top 1 landmark.

Gute Reise and I am looking forwards to reading more about your journey,

Rachel Williamson said...

Good afternoon Pote!

It is great to see that your post has already been commented on by Katharina. She is currently living in Germany with her family but spent the past 3 years living in Auckland so she knows a lot about both countries!

I think that you have chosen a very important landmark to visit. It is hugely symbolic and an important reminder of what life would have been like between 1961 and 1989 when the wall was still standing. Can you imagine what Auckland would be like if we built a huge wall in the middle of the city and didn't allow people from one side to go across to the other and vice versa?

I wonder if there might be other landmarks that you would also enjoy visiting in Germany? Did you see anything else on the Summer Learning Journey site or online that sparked your interest? There are so many fascinating places to go in Germany and I bet that you would really enjoy seeing most of them!

I hope that your sight seeing goes well and I'll look forward to reading more about your adventures in Germany over the next few days. There are 6 full days left for the Summer Learning Journey so please do log on and blog each day. You are earning lots of points and are in the running to be amongst the 'Top 3' bloggers. In fact, you missed out on third place by only 4 points. That is one activity!

If you're keen to place in the top 3 and win some cool prizes, please keep up with your blogging!



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