Friday, 25 October 2013

My other narrative

It was October 31 2011,In Bradford,UK,four children ,Joseph, Kane, Jillian, Steve and Kim got ready for halloween. The night before, Joseph's mum and Jillian’s dad went to the new grand opening of the shop Roman’s holiday Empire. Joseph’s and Jillian's best friends, Kane and Steve also went , Kane went with his baby sister, Kim. Joseph and the gang had marked their suburb for tricking-treating on halloween .

This is set at a old blueish house in Bradford,UK.Four characters, Joseph, Kane, Jillian, Kim and Steve.

4 best friends decide to pick the most evil costumes of all time.There costumes turn into the bad character.

A dark night,four old children have fun doing ticking-treating at night.

Lonely, Dark and sad night.Horrified.

My Narrative

The car drove off slowly of the driveway.”Where is my new school.”Wait and you’ll  see for yourself.””We are here Kate.”Brooklyn Best’s Intermediate.Kate was anxious bored as always.Kate was a smart girl and always be kind,when 8 years old she learned how to pick a lock and be more faster than her athletic mother.

I soon look dull like I was in amazement.

Kate soon realised that her classmate are trying to kill her.They soon found that Kate is a good person.

A sad place.The doors are sealed and there is no way out.Will Kate survive or will she be defeated by the hound's of injustice

A sad,Nasty,crashing story of one girl beautiful come in the hands of herself life

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What I have learned about Tamaki River

I  have learned so far that the tamaki river is the narrowest of the west coast of the north island.The tamaki river is so close to the Manukau harbour,when you're on the motorway,on your left would be the Tamaki river and on your right would be the Manukau harbour.      

Friday, 18 October 2013

How Portage Rd was used.

Portage Rd was a transport place for people on east coast of New Zealand to sell stuff to people on west coast of New Zealand

The Tamaki River

The Tamaki Area goes from MT Wellington to PT England.I have lived in the Tamaki Area for all my life.

My VoiceThread

Please listen to my comment about,How Tamaki River is used now and the past.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Bible Homework

Tonight my family and I had a extra homework.We had to Memorize this verse.

John 3:16

For god so loved the world  that he gave his only begotten son that everyone who believes into him would not perish,but would have eternal life.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day One

Hey to the people who reading this

Dear diary

I'm still thinking of what to do.

Watch Movies.
Watch TV.
Play Games.
Please comment to make Suggestion.