Friday, 25 October 2013

My other narrative

It was October 31 2011,In Bradford,UK,four children ,Joseph, Kane, Jillian, Steve and Kim got ready for halloween. The night before, Joseph's mum and Jillian’s dad went to the new grand opening of the shop Roman’s holiday Empire. Joseph’s and Jillian's best friends, Kane and Steve also went , Kane went with his baby sister, Kim. Joseph and the gang had marked their suburb for tricking-treating on halloween .

This is set at a old blueish house in Bradford,UK.Four characters, Joseph, Kane, Jillian, Kim and Steve.

4 best friends decide to pick the most evil costumes of all time.There costumes turn into the bad character.

A dark night,four old children have fun doing ticking-treating at night.

Lonely, Dark and sad night.Horrified.

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