Thursday, 22 September 2016


On Wednesday, the two PBS Basketball team had their last game of basketball  (I'm just assuming). The Year 5&6 Team played against Saint Patrick but sadly lost 8-2. It was great to see the teamwork and sportsmanship by the entire team. However, the  Year 7&8 Team played against Glen Taylor White and won 18-14. The Glen Taylor team played great and was close to winning until 4 fast points gave PBS the momentum. Thank you to Mrs Prasad, Mr Ogilvie and the RSA for providing transport

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Picture Prompts:

Keep the Family Close:

Once upon a time there was family (named John Josephine and Samantha) They lived high along the mountains of South Germany. The family was rich and had the power to look into the future by their dreams. Samantha, their daughter became sick and got disconnected to their power and heritage that she earned and had been diagnosed with a disease that could kill her. The two parents was devastated to have their own daughter became sick and lose her powerful link to their heritage. The parents became eager to create a tribute to their once beautiful daughter, as time passed on they  built a statue above all their amazing creations to represent their love to their beautiful daughter.

Quizziz with Harry and LS2:

Today, we had a fun 40 Minute( This is just a guess) game of Quizziz. We played against each other by getting the right answer the fastest. Recalling answers to that equation can help in the IKAN or any Maths test in the future (That need to be fast). I worked with my friend Harry to play this games as some people don't have netbooks. It was great fun and help improve my fast facts. I also have to improve not hit the wrong answer because I was under-pressure. We challenged each other but also our teachers (Mrs Anderson came 1st with Thomas).

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig Wemyss Visit:

Today, Sebastian & I finish a DLO on a recent visit from Stig Wemyss. If you don't know who this is, he is an audio narrator for the Andy Griffith books. Stig amazed all of the senior school with amazing sense of humor and making us laugh through out the visit. Stig is currently on tour around New Zealand (So hopefully you get to meet a hilarious person). 

Friday, 16 September 2016


After school, we went to the Tamaki Recreational Center to play Basketball.  First, the Year 5&6 played against Glen Taylor but unfortunately lost 4-10. The PBS team had fun and played very great meanwhile showing teamwork to get onto the other side of the court. Right after that match, the Year 7&8 played against Point England Blue. It was  intense game and the Year 7&8 team had another win, 30-4. Thank you to Mrs Prasad, Mr Ogilvie and the RSA for providing transport.

My Pourquoi Story:

How the first api (House) was built in Tonga:
Thousands of years ago on a lush lonely island, there was one family. This is their story.

“Ofa come here, I need your help.” Mafi asked as she heard the clamour of all the feral animals (Predator or not) in the lush forests of Tongatapu ( Before there was a name for that Island). Her family traveled through terrains that no one had survived. It had beens days since they arrived at this mysterious island. “Ofa, come here you lazy pig!” Sione screamed as the echoes of mighty roar disrupts many animals rest. Mafi and Sillivia were calmly sweeping the floor of their camp.

“I can feel a little bit colder, dad.”Ofa mentioned as he grabbed the raw pork from his and Sione ( His dad) pouches for supper. The whole family questioned the unfamiliar sense of a cold breeze. He didn’t feel like anything was about to happen. The screams of pigs made a weird sense of them being watched. It had never rained since they’ve been here.They all thought that they needed to watch out before their supplies were being stolen by people they thought wouldn’t be on this island.“ Mum our supplies are being stolen by someone.” Ofa and Sillivia said in unity. Mafi pondered around building something that they could be safe in. She saw some plans to building places in Hapi,her home before moving here. In the afternoon,when everyone was altogether smiling like they just saw something amazing. “Family, its time we build an Api(House)!” Mafi proclaimed.

For a couple of minutes Ofa, Sillivia and Sione were all wondering if the mother or wife was acting crazy. “ I’m serious if you’re wondering.”Mafi said to make matters better. “ Well, we do need need to create a Api because of people stealing our supplies from our camp.”Ofa mentioned as he had been convinced from the start. It would take two days to complete the api as they knew half of their resources was already stolen.It was a  hard complex process. See, the whole family weren’t builder or knew how to create something.  Without knowledge of building the family was working for a week. I just came back from the beach up north. “There's a storm coming and this could destroy our camp but also us.”Sillivia said. The storm would destroy them,however they continued building their house but more faster as they had finished adding in the floor to the house.

A week had gone and the moving was a quick job as it had taken a long time for the storm to come.  As more family moved to this island.The idea of an Api was spread around Tonga and is continuing today, as bigger structures. A house is called an Api, as homage to the original house  that was built to survive the worst but still remain and also because of Mafi actions.My message to you from this passage is that you can think out of the box(like a house).  It is alright if people don’t believe you.

Word Problems

On Wednesday, My maths group was working on Word problem. We had to find a equation for a number of equations. You had to create a fair number of Hot dog buns and hot dogs to get to that number with that left overs.

Fast Facts:

This week, my reading group finished reading a book called Beans, All of us (Individually) worked on a fast fact DLO to test our revision of the book we  had read. This is my Fast Facts DLO (For another time).

Main Idea for Beans:

This week,my reading group has read  the text, Beans. The story is about the MC (Main Character) travelling to various location in his weekend (Just one day). The title, Beans is referencing him being full of beans/energy.  worked on a DLO explaining my thinking.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Henry Tuipe'a Visit to Panmure Bridge School

Today, Sebastian & I finished a DLO on a recent Duffy Assembly. Henry Tuipe'a visited Panmure Bridge just an hour ago. He was our Duffy Role Model for Term 3. He talked about waiting for a long time while getting groceries.  

Hagia Sophia

Today, I have finish a DLO which I completed at home( This is not connected to my learning but for just for fun). The Hagia Sophia is a mosque(During the Ottoman Empire) and now is a Museum. This building has stood through 3 eras (Roman, Ottoman and the current).

Blog Comments:

Today, I have posted my 3 comments that I commented on who are from LS1. I have used the criteria to make sure that I can help them with their work. Here is a helpful example if you don't know.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hauora: Last Rotation

Today, Ofa, Tiava (Who worked with us because of her partner not present today and yesterday) and I finished our Presentation, Hauora. This was great collaboration with another group. This was the last rotation of our Inquiry topic, Olympics.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Showcase of Life at PBS:

Today, I have finished my Blogpost on Showcasing life at PBS. Most of these photos were at the beginning of the year because of the delay of posting up my Care Awards. 

Cross Country

On Wednesday, Panmure Bridge School had their annual Cross Country. This year is different, The layout is different than before. This year was made by your year ( So if your Year 5 but you are 11 that means you're running with the Year 6). Every year has it set laps of running. The Year 7&8 ran 4 laps. It was a crazy experience. I learned to breath in and out from my mouth going in and air coming out from the mouth.


Yesterday, the Year 5&6 and Year 7&8 basketball team played basketball after school at the Tamaki Recreational Center. Both teams had a successful day of basketball. The Year 5&6 team played St Patrick Green had drew 10-10. However, the Year 7&8 won their game 6-14 against Point England Black. Thank you to Mr Ogilvie, Mrs Anderson and the RSA for providing Transport and helping/cheering us play. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Maths ( Working on Fractions)

During Maths,My maths group were improving  their   knowledge of solving word problems involving addition and subtraction of Decimals. Today we got another worksheet but I didn't get up to that point as I was catching up by finishing the first  worksheet from Monday. Beforehand, we were warming up by practicing our basic facts by doing 30 questions but also playing hit the button.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read Theory

For 20 Minutes each day, we do Read 20. We use Read theory as a helper for us in reading and answering questions from the passage. The passage is easy or hard depending on what stage you are (Eg: I'm on 4.5 GPA so that will mean I will be having harder passages than someone on 2.9). Obviously this an North American website since we don't use GPA (or easier Grade per Average) but this a more reliable tool ti use as it helping us think about the question that is from the text. It  helps in test as this makes us look back at the text to see if we think that's the answer.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Magic Box Poem:

 I will put into the box …

The hand holding the flaming hook of Maui’s Adventures
The snowy pick of Victory from Nepal
A destructive army of souls trying to escape
The sound of the pacific island drums banging in my ear        

I will put into the box …

The unlucky tribe of humans living in a cursed valley
A loud scream of war from a sacred tapa
The sight of victory after completing that  impossible phrase.
As my first steps on this earth.

I will put into the box …

A platinum statue without a name
The taste of death sprinting to the infinity
A sense of false hope from a gruesome ring
The bright red & white patterned flag of the majestic flag of tonga.

My box is fashioned from Time and Space and the infinite, with a chocolate zombie on the lid and the infinite stars of our universe in the corners.

Its hinges are torn apart like the heart of break ups

I shall lock the nightmare and dreams of billions in my box


On Wednesday, Years 5 ,6, 7 and 8 went to Basketball at the  Tamaki Recreational Center. The year 5 & 6 team played St Patrick Green but sadly lost by two points. The Year 7 & 8  also lost to  Bailey road by 22 points. It was a fun day and we can practice this week knowing what we need to improve on. Thank you to Mrs Anderson and Mr Ogilvie for supporting us.


This is my Completed Sketchnote. To begin with we were given our topic which was Rio the city and how it would feel to receive a medal at the Olympics. We talked about how we could record our thinking ( for example: pictures, symbols and bullet points) .
 Sketchnote helps to make my notes into picture that I can understand. It can help me make a connection with my learning.  It can help me make notes into pictures in a way only I could understand.  Sketchnoting can also help since its not boring and  can keep me on task. 

Cross Country Practice:

On Tuesday ( Wednesday had no Cross country Practice because of inter-school) The learning spaces were being prepared for the 3 Km run for cross country.  The target for this practice was 5-7 laps . Even those I didn't take part in the running I was helping people figure out where to go ( Ideally, I was a pointer).