Thursday, 1 September 2016

Magic Box Poem:

 I will put into the box …

The hand holding the flaming hook of Maui’s Adventures
The snowy pick of Victory from Nepal
A destructive army of souls trying to escape
The sound of the pacific island drums banging in my ear        

I will put into the box …

The unlucky tribe of humans living in a cursed valley
A loud scream of war from a sacred tapa
The sight of victory after completing that  impossible phrase.
As my first steps on this earth.

I will put into the box …

A platinum statue without a name
The taste of death sprinting to the infinity
A sense of false hope from a gruesome ring
The bright red & white patterned flag of the majestic flag of tonga.

My box is fashioned from Time and Space and the infinite, with a chocolate zombie on the lid and the infinite stars of our universe in the corners.

Its hinges are torn apart like the heart of break ups

I shall lock the nightmare and dreams of billions in my box

Today, I completed my Magic box poem( well technically last week I did). This is was so much fun and many descriptive language was put into making my poem to the best I can.

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Robyn Anderson said...

What a fabulous poem Pote! You have painted a very clear picture with your words. I really like the line 'My box is fashioned from Time and Space and the infinite...'. It tells the reader you have more adventures ahead of you :)

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