Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Picture Prompts:

Keep the Family Close:

Once upon a time there was family (named John Josephine and Samantha) They lived high along the mountains of South Germany. The family was rich and had the power to look into the future by their dreams. Samantha, their daughter became sick and got disconnected to their power and heritage that she earned and had been diagnosed with a disease that could kill her. The two parents was devastated to have their own daughter became sick and lose her powerful link to their heritage. The parents became eager to create a tribute to their once beautiful daughter, as time passed on they  built a statue above all their amazing creations to represent their love to their beautiful daughter.

Today, LS2 created 3 (Technically 4 but the 4th one was a example one about Mrs Anderson), We wrote a six sentence picture prompts about a picture from Harris Burdick. All images was described by a 6 sentence story/narrative depicting the images. We were creating narratives to help know what to do when we have our writing test in Term 4. We were using the TOPES Sturcture, but also have enough information to fill the stories with an great amount of information.

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