Monday, 29 July 2013

Past education timeline

Science technology Roadshow 2013

Science technology Roadshow 2013

On June 11 2013 Mauriora and I had been chosen to go to the fonterra Science technology Roadshow 2013  generally because our teacher only chose 2 people to go from school and end up at Tamaki college who are hosting the show.63 people went,10 were parents and 2 schools went.The first demonstration showed us there,two hosts Andrew and Dave showed us that if you use a smaller area on a big object the pressure will not break for example a egg,you  get a glove.If you try your hardest it can still not break because the force is not  very hard that why the pressure is getting very calm so it won’t break but when you hit it on the side of the bowl it break it because it is a smaller object on a smaller area  the force could easily break it in half. 20 minute later he showed   us amazing thing when you have a vacuum and a beach ball throw up the beach ball start flying it can still in the air because the Bernoulli's principle show people that it will stay on angle for a long because the pressure on keep it flying Daniel Bernoulli wanted to know know how to keep smaller ball in the air.The session  Name was ballons and Bernoulli.Finally it was time to see the exhibit that was my favourite part.Everyone tried all the exhibit. There 18  exhibit all about human performance,materials,metal detector,tricep and bicep,following movement how your body move,animal voice and how to save electricity.    


Friday, 12 July 2013

Howick Historical Village Day

July 11 2013

Today senior people were ready to have one awesome day.The
Howick Historical village  was our trip today,soon as the bus arrived we were ready to have a bumpy ride.

Some people from room 7  have already been here before and already know,but the others were going to learn more about the topic this term.the first activity is all about toys, who kids like us use to play in the past. Every toy was about Jacob's ladder.The second activity were one of the funny
 activities. It was about classrooms what people used to work in the past.Only one person got the cane.We had a health inspection so everyone would be safe in the classroom. The second thing we did was linking words on slate boards.

Finally the third and last activity of all,playing with outside toys like the devil,graceful,Slits, horsey and the board with 3 people on it.  After 1 hour  it was time put away  the outside toys into the shed and time to have our lunch.Right after lunch we had a tour of everything in the Howick Historical Village.  Only somethings you can not see like the captain houses, the only rule we were not aloud to do was not to touch anything.

After the tour we learned something, we learned  about our topic this term.We learned  about how to make flour,what were blacksmith,how did early settler lived in,how to make wallpaper,what is toliet soap and what did they use for toliet paper.At the end of the day feeling like we wanted to go for more longer, but one notice it was one of the best trips this year! 


Friday, 5 July 2013

My future classroom

 In my future classroom you can see rooms for learning like a reading area and a teacher aide room for people to read and people who need in the classroom.There are a computer room so everyone post learning things on there blog so everyone people have been learning.There game area because if you want play outside but it is raining the gaming area is all you have to go to.There are a history and maths room because in history you want who did what and in maths you learn how to to count in 1s to 12s fast as you can.