Friday, 27 March 2015

Book review

For 1 week I have been reading two books called Class A and Man Vs Beast. I love this book and i think you guys should read.

2015 Term 1 reflection

Here is my Special Effects collage I did for my Term 1 reflection.I changed the colour of the original collage but took away 1 photo from the collage.

2015 Term 1 reflection.

As Term 1 is closing down I have done a collage  which reflects what my classroom and I have done or is one of the special parts in Term 1.

I enjoyed the times when I first met my fellow pupils and my teacher for the first time to see who was I sitting next to.

During Term 1, I learn't how to say the basic stuff like Good morning and hello in Japanese because I was learning a new language.

The hardest thing I done in Term 1 was finishing my first drawing in my new classroom because I always never finish quickly I was always the last to finish.

My favourite subject was Japanese because how I could see the inner way of being Japanese and the Japanese culture.

The best thing I enjoyed in Technology was making take-away boxes and also learn't to draw lightly so it is easy to draw and how make guide-lines.

It happened again

Today on Friday I have done again the spelling test and the same result, again! I got 15 correct out of 25. I also got 10 wrong.I better practice at home. The new word I learn't was Concessionaire

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A special day for Manaiakalani

So today was one of the most special days for Panmure Bridge and the other schools from our cluster(Manaiakalani). It was a waka which was  launched 140 thousand miles away in the most tropical place to be in,Hawaii! This event was very crucial because of the cluster we are from, Manaiakalani which means The hook from Heaven  was used to form the country we now know as New Zealand or Aotearoa. These navigators and crew members used the Manaiakalani navigation way where they used stars to get to New Zealand.The celebration was Hikianali when  two waka's  are sent to New Zealand from Hawaii to mark when a Maui once arrived on this Ika(Fish) by using his grandma's teeth which was very sacred to use. Maui stories was scattered around the pacific with tales of pulling countries from underwater like Tonga, Tahiti and others countries. 

This event started at 9:30 am with all classrooms walking to this occasions( except from Room 4 & 3 because of there age level)After this long walk we hardly didn't know time but I think it was 9:20 since we left at 8:35.As we waited to the far left if you were \ at the back of us.As we waited for the Canoe with the crew members we watched on to see if we could spot our leaders(Patrick,Samantha,Juliano and Fine)Then we saw something moving closer to the already arrived canoe. We soon heard a horn blowing like those ones in a movie during the medieval times. I felt my beat when I saw the  boat coming onto the beach. We sang as loud as we can but some school were on beat some were off(Not our school a course).

As we finished singing  and sat down we welcomed to greet them.As we walked back I felt happy to meet people from other countries that I have already(because I have met anyone from Hawaii). After we left the school's leaders were taught ancient navigation by the leader of the waka which was sent to New Zealand from Hawaii.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Buddy Reading: Book

Today I have done a Flip-snack so my partner in Room 3 can read words and what happens in it.

Duggy Recount

Today we had a special assembly(When a Duffy Role model come to talk about reading). We had Shavaughn(A.K.A Roimata) as our Duffy Role Model. She told our about the importance of being an actor, Reading!She told us how she made it on Shortland Street. After that she gave out duffy books.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tonga's famous person

Around the world they have been amazing Tongan people who the play a sport, help other or Commentate.
We did this work by taking notes and check his profile on several websites..We showed all the infomation on our Google Drawings. Juliano and I chose one wrestler who is from Tonga, Tonga Fifta(AKA Haku). He is from Tonga but left to Japan to learn Sumo Wrestling.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spelling Test

So today I did a spelling to test my knowledge of words I know or not. Out of 25 questions I got 15 correct the most hardest word I couldn't spell was Interfering because always added a extra r. I patrolled the street of New York. I used a sentence to show what word I defined or got wrong

Monday, 16 March 2015

Culture Identity

Today I learnt how to  pin point where all of my fellow students are based.This map show what nationality people come from.

Friday, 13 March 2015


Okay so today, the year 7’s and I were analysing  our take away box for other people. This took us two weeks to finish first we chose the shape and decided the colour it would be. This my ending results before I fold the shape into a cone.This was done with Mr Pineda Guidance.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Book Review

Okay for nearly 4 days I have been reading 2 books that the older people who read this post might like. I read Mad Dogs and Maximum Security from the first Cherub series. It is nice and great to read when bored on a road trip.This book is only for 11 and up because it is only suitable for that age.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Multiplication Poster

Okay so today for Maths my group were given a rich task. This rich task is to show what does Multiplication mean. We all had to work to finish this work or drawing.Here is our Drawing we did

Monday, 9 March 2015

Investigation Graph 2

Today I did another graph with another group on what are there talents, I now know two people 3 people play Rugby Union and 1 likes Rugby League.

Investigation graph

Today, Mrs Paton made us do surveys with your desk groups. We had to a graph on thing that was answered from both people. I now know that 1 speaks Kiribati,1 speaks Tongan 1 speaks Farsi and 2 speak English.

Monday, 2 March 2015

What ethnicity in room 6

In room 6 we are responding to other pupils in our classroom. 14 people still responded to the survey. 7 students are tongan, 5 are European. Also 2 Maori,1 Kiribatian and 1 Afghani(or Middle Eastern)