Friday, 27 March 2015

2015 Term 1 reflection.

As Term 1 is closing down I have done a collage  which reflects what my classroom and I have done or is one of the special parts in Term 1.

I enjoyed the times when I first met my fellow pupils and my teacher for the first time to see who was I sitting next to.

During Term 1, I learn't how to say the basic stuff like Good morning and hello in Japanese because I was learning a new language.

The hardest thing I done in Term 1 was finishing my first drawing in my new classroom because I always never finish quickly I was always the last to finish.

My favourite subject was Japanese because how I could see the inner way of being Japanese and the Japanese culture.

The best thing I enjoyed in Technology was making take-away boxes and also learn't to draw lightly so it is easy to draw and how make guide-lines.

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