Monday, 11 July 2016

B-Ball( Aka Basketball)

Basketball is an official sport that is part of the Olympics.  They have been part of the official list of sports since 1936. It has changed ever since. for 62 years, only college players were allowed to attend until 1996, where the US Dream Team destroyed the competition by 40( Every Match). Getting back on topic, here are two rules you need to follow to play proper basketball. Flagrant Fouls- Flagrant fouls( means hard physical contact resulting in the offensive player or defensive to be hurt by a punch/kick or grab). Flagrant foul is meant to send a player off if they put the victim in massive pain or breaches the safety rules of playing Basketball.
Shot Clock- Shot Clock is a utility that is needed by referees when to stop the game if the opposing teams breaches the 24 second playing time. This help as it evens out the playing field for scoring.


daniel said...

Hi Pote
Nice job explaining basketball. I never would know that much. For example: I never knew what shot clock was. I learnt some really interesting facts. Keep up the good work.

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Pote,

I am so glad to see that you have chosen basketball as your sport of choice for this activity. I love basketball! I actually used to play it quite competitively in Canada. Most of the girls in my town played because we happen to come from the same town as Dr. James Naismith - the inventor of basketball. We were born and raised in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. Therefore, I have always had a soft spot for the game and watched it religiously. Do you like b-ball?

Cheers, Rachel

P.S. The 24 second clock is a really important feature of the game. I'm glad that you included it in your post. It is re-set every time that a player shoots the ball at the hoop (and makes contact with the hoop and/or backboard). If a team takes longer than 24 seconds to put a shot the buzzer will go and the ball will be turned over to the opposing team. It happened a few times during the recent NBA play-offs, I noticed. Did you happen to watch the recent play-offs? I started watching them because Steven Adam's team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, were playing!

aminiasi said...

Hello Pote, before you publish your work you should double check it because I saw a sentence with no capital letter.

Nesi said...

Hi Pote, That is a really interesting sport you have chosen but I have to say I really like netball the most. After reading this I think I would like basket ball and netball. Nice Job Pote.

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