Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Today, I  have finished work on my 3rd DLO on the Olympics. This is my DLO from Mr Ogilvie. Next, i'll be working with Mrs Anderson in Hauoura.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Comparison DLO

Today, the LS2 year 8's completed a comparison DLO on our recent Kiwisport sessions with Andy (Our Run, Jump, Throw instructor). In this DLO I am using the Scissor Kick technique ton get over a obstacle. I compard this photo to a Photo of Ray Ewry using the technique to get over the pole. The Photo (On the right) was posted in the 1900s so it has been centuries that the technique has been used by many people.

Run, Jump, Throw

This week for RJT (Run Jump Throw), the LS2 Year 8's did High jump as its main topic for this session. Andy taught us to do the Scissor Kick Technique. We played Octopus ( Again). For our last activity we did High jump while using the Scissor Kick Technique. I successfully landed every time I jumped but also fell and slid to the sides of the hall.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warriors Visit:

Today, some members from the NZ Warriors visited to us and discuss Haurora (Our well being). Ryan Hoffman (Captain of the Warriors) and John Palavi took two sides of assembly into two separate teams. We played/participated in 4 activities ( These were Belonging, Trivia, Hydration, Sleeping). Thank you to Alice from DTR who created this opportunity for us to see some players from the Warriors in person and Georgia ( who also represents the entire Warriors members).

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run, Jump and Throw:

Today, we had Run, Jump, Throw. This session was about running/how we start in a short distance race.You had to stand back 1 meter from the line. It was really hard trying to find my starting leg (Both had an advantage in its own way). When you leave whatever foot you are great or have an advantage with, you need lift up your back heel (the opposite foot) and also you opposite hand because it is more harder with both your hands reading to run. A massive tip: Do not look at the instructor who will  begin the race Our exercise was Octopus and  our main activity/ was a game that involved you having a partner and a cone. You placed your cone on the yellow line. You will win if you have the fastest reaction time. 

Run, Jump, Throw: Long Jump

Yesterday,  LS2 had Run, Jump, Throw. This session was all about Long Jump. I did participated for 15 minutes but left after my right ankle was playing up. They practised on jumping but land without falling backwards with a 1 foot jump and 2 foot jump as well. I heard it was fun when I could hears screams of joy from everyone having fun.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Yestrday,  4 teams (two teams from year 7 & 8 and 2 teams from Year 5/6) participated in the Interschool Netball Competition, We all had fun since we all played 1-3 games( as a sub or full game). We all learned to have team spirit and work together to create chemistry. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Ancient and Modern Olympics:

Today, in Mrs Naicker group, I have finished my DLO on the Ancient and Modern Olympics. This was a fun activity, this was hard to complete by myself but thanks to my group, Fraidoon and Ofa. With co-operation, we did this DLO quick with quality.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

IKAN Practice:

Today is the IKAN Test, I have practice my number knowledge to give an advantage in this Test. Hopefully I get a good score/stage for this test.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Olympians's Diet:

Last week, we completed 7( in my case 5) challenges representing the Athletes diet. This presentation is dedicate do what an modern and past athletes eat to prepare for the Olympics.


Today, Sebastian and I created a DLO on a book we learned about the Olympic Athletes. This was a fun activity involving our first female Olympic but also the young NZ athlete.  We compared Modern and past Olympic athletes then and now

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Olympic New Zealand Logo

Today, I have finished my logo for the Olympics if it came to New Zealand ( specifically Auckland or Wellington). This design is a marae with many different colors. Half the colors represent the Olympic ring  while almost all of it except one, those colors represent a quarter of the Rainbow flag which represents the LGBT + Community to New Zealand with open hands ( Marae represents open eyes).

Hoverbike Advert:

For 3 days, LS2 were working in pairs to create an advert on a futuristic hover bike. Harlem and I made a amazing ad about hover bikes, we used persuasive language to hook in a potential buyer with this ad. This advertisement needed to be a very persuasive, you added features that needed to hook in the viewer/reader. This was a fun activity with my partner.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Donald Trump Criticizes Muslim Family:

Today for Current Events, I read an article about Trump criticizing a Muslim family  of a Slain US Muslim soldier. This issue could destroy Trump link with foreigners (Which already was). Trump says that they sacrificed their own child. 
Link to Article: NY Times 

Buddy Benches!

Buddy Benches are the best feature added to this school. Buddy benches is multi colored benches created for people who are left out or have friend/buddy. This feature is a great addition for people who have no one to play with.  

Winter Learning Journey:

On Friday, Rachel from Woolf Fisher specifically talked about the Winter Learning Journey( The Winter Learning Journey was a holiday program where the students made blog post dedicated to the main theme). Even those I didn't post many activity I still had a favourite task throughout the 2 weeks. My favourite was the logo challenge as it involved you trying to be creative with the way you designed the logo. students from PBS participated in this program (An amazing feat). Congratulation to anyone who got a certificate or prize.