Friday, 26 August 2016

Run, Jump, Throw

This week for RJT (Run Jump Throw), the LS2 Year 8's did High jump as its main topic for this session. Andy taught us to do the Scissor Kick Technique. We played Octopus ( Again). For our last activity we did High jump while using the Scissor Kick Technique. I successfully landed every time I jumped but also fell and slid to the sides of the hall.


Robyn Anderson said...

A detailed description of your learning Pote. I like your honest evaluation of the part you found challenging. Did you find it hard using the same leg and arm actions after having to think about using the opposite leg/arm actions in running?

Leopote said...

I found really hard when I was running ( choosing which leg to start off with because I didn't know what could I benefit from).

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