Friday, 12 July 2013

Howick Historical Village Day

July 11 2013

Today senior people were ready to have one awesome day.The
Howick Historical village  was our trip today,soon as the bus arrived we were ready to have a bumpy ride.

Some people from room 7  have already been here before and already know,but the others were going to learn more about the topic this term.the first activity is all about toys, who kids like us use to play in the past. Every toy was about Jacob's ladder.The second activity were one of the funny
 activities. It was about classrooms what people used to work in the past.Only one person got the cane.We had a health inspection so everyone would be safe in the classroom. The second thing we did was linking words on slate boards.

Finally the third and last activity of all,playing with outside toys like the devil,graceful,Slits, horsey and the board with 3 people on it.  After 1 hour  it was time put away  the outside toys into the shed and time to have our lunch.Right after lunch we had a tour of everything in the Howick Historical Village.  Only somethings you can not see like the captain houses, the only rule we were not aloud to do was not to touch anything.

After the tour we learned something, we learned  about our topic this term.We learned  about how to make flour,what were blacksmith,how did early settler lived in,how to make wallpaper,what is toliet soap and what did they use for toliet paper.At the end of the day feeling like we wanted to go for more longer, but one notice it was one of the best trips this year! 


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