Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read Theory

For 20 Minutes each day, we do Read 20. We use Read theory as a helper for us in reading and answering questions from the passage. The passage is easy or hard depending on what stage you are (Eg: I'm on 4.5 GPA so that will mean I will be having harder passages than someone on 2.9). Obviously this an North American website since we don't use GPA (or easier Grade per Average) but this a more reliable tool ti use as it helping us think about the question that is from the text. It  helps in test as this makes us look back at the text to see if we think that's the answer.

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Sebastian said...

Hi Pote,
You are really doing well on Read Theory. You must really understand the question before answering and this will help you in a test/exam. Well Done Pote.

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