Saturday, 24 December 2016

Day 3:

Today, I've resumed continuation ( Due to school and Prizegiving). Well anyways, Safety in Airplanes are really important as you're are tavelling over countries ( Or oceans). I will be resuming the Summer Learning Journey.


aminiasi said...

Hello Pote, you have listed three really important rules to keeping safe on an airplane. You have done a great job blogging. Keep on working hard.

Ofa said...

Hello Pote, good to see you doing the Summer Learning Journey Activity. Your three reasons on being safety on a plane sounds very intresting. Keep up the great work Pote!

daniel said...

Hey Pote
Those three tips on how to stay safe on a plane are great Pote! Keep up the good work!

Dan Abricossow said...

Malo e lelei Pote,

What an awesome blog entry! I really like how you have incorporated a link AND a screenshot of the safety video into your blog. Well done, that is super clever! Am I right in guessing that you like the Men in Black safety video best?? Because that was my favourite one too.

It's always so important to listen very carefully to the flight crew instructions when you're flying. I am impressed that you have watched the video clips just as carefully! Have you ever flown in a plane before? If you have, what else can you remember about some of their safety instructions?

Do you know why it is so important to turn your cellphone or laptop onto flight mode when you're using it on a plane? The plane's electronic equipment picks up the signal of your device, and it interferes with the planes radio causing a really loud, annoying ringing sound. Hence why the pilots like you to turn your phones off :-)

Keep up your blogging efforts Pote, tu meke!!


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