Monday, 18 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Day 1:

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For my first day for the Summer Learning Journey Project: 
I will pick Germany- Europe for this project


Rachel Williamson said...

Good morning Pote!

It is wonderful to see that you have joined the Summer Learning Journey. I'm thrilled to have you on board and to be able to blog with you over the next week.

I am also thrilled to see that you have chosen to travel to Germany. It is a wonderful country with a very rich culture and long, complicated history. I have always been fascinated by history and I used to love it when our teacher taught us about Germany.

I am really hoping that I will have the chance to go to Germany in the next few years as two of my very good friends recently moved there. One, Katharina, is German but the second friend, Carolyn, is a kiwi. She moved to Germany for her studies (she just finished her PhD) and she's been having a great time. Apparently it snowed in her town yesterday and it was -16. Yikes!!!

I think that you'll need to think about packing some very warm clothes for your trip. You might even want to think about bringing a snowsuit :)

I'll look forward to reading your blogs and will follow your journey closely over the next 7 days. There is plenty of time left for you to accumulate lots of points and be inline to win a great prize!

Happy travels (and happy blogging!),


Rachel Williamson said...

Thank you again for participating the Summer Learning Journey, Pote. I will look forward to seeing you in person when I come into Panmure Bridge School early in the year to hand out participation certificates for the programme. As a participant you will definitely get one!

You have also received a blogging award that has been posted on your blog. It has been posted there to acknowledge that you did a great job this summer with the blogging programme. I hope that you keep blogging this year and that you join our programme again next summer!


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