Sunday, 27 November 2016

PBS Athletics Day:

Friday was a very mixed day.  Fun and cold usually doesn't mix together but today was different ( Really Different!). With Mr. M  as our MC ( Mr. MC) and Mr. Ogilvie controlling the event, the day was destined to be a success. A group of Tamaki College students joined us for the day to make sure every class/Year group understood the activity. 


daniel said...

Hi Pote
Athletics was very fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it, it's really sad how the rain spoiled it halfway through. Maybe next time you could write about some of the activities that we did. Keep up all of the hard work!

Breeana said...

Hi Pote
Great blog post! It seems like everyone had lots of fun on Athletics day. I hope you had a good time. Even though it started to rain everyone was still participating and into the team spirit.
Keep up the great job Pote!
From Breeana

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