Friday, 20 October 2017


So today, my heart was finally broken after finding out that National had lost( No worries, we have another election in 3 years). For Social Studies, we were understanding and figuring out what does this alliance will have in store for the next 3 years.


Dorothy Apelu said...

Thank you for your post Leo and I understand how you must feel with your party not winning! At the same time, I am glad you are optimistic about the future! Keep up the great work1

Maria Krausse said...

Kia ora Leo, I am working in a Manakalani Outeach cluster in South Auckland. Thanks for sharing your comments about the results of the elections. I am interested in housing too as I am wondering where my daughter and her husband will be living in the next year. Do you think Winston might be thinking to retire before the next election?
Ngā mihi,

Leo Aholelei said...

hey Maria
To answer your question, There was an article which talks about Housing where Labour plans to make NZ first removing the idea of Foreign buyers and you can rent-to-own. I feel like this can decrease the rising numbers of houses having to be created( Also, helps first home buyers be able to buy a house for their whanau). I also think if Winston Pieters do retire, the interest for the election will become predictable because looking back, Pieters has made who will become the government.

Maria Krausse said...

Thanks for your thoughts Leo. I'm impressed you can cite an article you have read to back up your ideas. maybe next time you could add the link to the article at the bottom of your drawing.

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