Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events:Auckland Bus Strikes

Today, Manu & I started working on a DLO about the recent Auckland Bus Strikes. We used our skim & scan skill to find the valuable information & add it to our DLO. We also added a Point Of View for the two groups involved in this Bus Strike. This work taught us the to find various sources in add it to a our DLO but also making sure that it's in our own words.

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Chelsea Donaldson said...

Great work Pote and Manu. You have clearly explained the Auckland bus strikes using the 5Ws. One of the news reporters was reporting from Mt Eden, but the bus strike actually happened throughout Auckland City. You have also identified the point of views of the public and the bus drivers and explained why they have those feelings/opinions. I like that you have come up with more than one idea for each groups point of view. Well done!

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