Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ta Moko

Ta Moko: A tattoo, that represents many things about you. You could have a tattoo that represents your responsibility to your Polynesian culture.  The amazing thing is that there isn’t a set pattern for your Ta Moko. ( It can have different meaning).

Anyone is allowed to have a Ta Moko, but Ta Moko is different to a tattoo because a Ta Moko has a meaning behind it as they tell a story and stay with you forever ( Ta Moko that are mainly on the face talks about your family history through you ancestry line, meanwhile female face Ta Moko talks about the birthing of a new life).

To get a Ta Moko ( Which is important), it will be better to have a Ta Moko when you are older because your story will be nearly finished and when you have children, you have the chance to tell your story to the next generation. All people have a Ta Moko to represent their family history as well as their ancestor’s path.

From a website I have discovered,  A Ta Moko can be estimated to be $120 upwards, depending on size( but also where the Ta Moko is placed).

Ta Moko( Tattoos shops) are located all around New Zealand and in other places of the Pacific Islands. A shop that is well known is House of Natives.

Gordon Toi is a Creative Director for the House( He was initially into  Carving).In the 1980s, he was trained to become a Carver, years later; Gordon became interested in different art ( Mainly Ta Moko).

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