Thursday, 16 March 2017

Health: Fono Fale Model

This term, 9RMz have been mainly focusing on Hauora and its contents. However, Fono-Fale ( Created by Fuimaono Karl-Pulotu Endemann) represents an another version of Hauora. Fono Fale represents: Culture, Family,Physical,Spiritual and other. This model is mainly focused around Polynesian cultures as the creator intended.


Unknown said...

Thanks for creating a cool Drawing to explain the Fono Fale Pote! I like how clearly you have split your research questions up and used different shades of blue. I am wondering whether you prefer the Hāuora model or the Fono Fale model more and why? Miss D

Leo Aholelei said...

Mrs. Dougherty,
My answer to your question:
I think I would definitely prefer Fono Fale ( Not being bias because it mainly represents the pacific demographic). A reason why is because Fono Fale includes many different points which are important to the people and all become a house ( Just like Hauora) but it includes other points ( Like Family, Culture and others).

Alana Madgwick said...

Fa'afetai lava for sharing this cool slide defining the Fono Fale model. It really explains it very well. Do you mind if I use it ti share with some teachers? Fa'afetai Leo!!

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