Friday, 17 March 2017

He Korowai Haapori- Ruapotaka Marae

During the middle periods of Friday, 9RMz ( My Class!)  were given a warm greeting by Whaea Noelene ( Representing Ruapotaka Marae). Side note: We were also greeted with Glen Taylor's Year 5/6 class. Whaea Noelene was talking about the sustainability of the houses that resided whanau's. She revealed three Korowai which represented time its self. Future,Present and Past. Korowai usually use feathers and represents your ancestry, but the korowai used Houses as a symbol to represent Glen Innes community as a whole. Thank you to Mrs Apelu and Mrs Anderson for organising my class to attend the event.

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Hinerau said...

It sounds as though you've gained a lot from today's visit, which is great to see.

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