Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exemplar Writing:

The boys sat together thinking about the poor man. They were sorry that things had happened the way they had, and they still felt a little bit guilty - they hadn't meant for anything bad to happen. Jack signed. He had learnt that it wasn't always a good idea to go with the crowd and he wouldn't be making the same mistake again.

...Three weeks earlier, Jack had been walking to the shop with a group of his friends. As they passed the old railway bridge, they spotted what looked like a bundle of clothes next to a rusty old dustbin. Jack stared at the rags intently, until, to his surprise he saw a pair of eyes blinking back at him. He hurried on, to catch up with his friends.


"Hurry up Jack!" One of Jack's friend screamed. Jack didn't care, he had been staring at the old rusty dustbin.His friends stopped."What do we have here?" They wondered. Joe(Jack's only real friend) motioned his hand to the back of his dark tracks pants."Joe, don't do it!" Jack shouted as he sprinted towards Joe. "Smash!" The poor old man's blood drowns the bright yellow t-shirt."Oh no, what did you?" Jack yelled. Jack stared at the pool of blood. He was in shock as his friends belted off. Joe & Jack froze. "What do we do?" Joe question urgently.
"I don't know!" Jack screamed with adrenaline rushing through his veins.

This Exemplar writing is mean't to show the pace & mood of the story going forward.It also is to help me practice keeping the flow if you have a strong orientation.

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